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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Helping the Economy

We have a new shoe store in town. Today I stopped by to check it out. It is really cool, and carries many brands of shoes that I have never seen before. The fellow who waited on me has been selling shoes for 40 years and really knows how to choose the right shoe for each customer.  He had me try on a lot of shoes. I chose a really comfortable pair of black flats to help me cope with the hardwood and tile floors in our house, and then he said wait for a minute and be brought out these shoes.

 These shoes are unbelievable comfortable and quite chic with the aged "platinum" leather and the nickle studs. I love, love these shoes!!

 There was a 20% discount on purses so I also bought a Baggalini purse.

  This purse is great! It has many pockets and it is light weight and sort of  sporty and sophisticated at the same time.
 Two pair of shoes and a purse "set me back" a fair amount, and then I came home and wanted to shoot some blog photos, but discovered that my camera had finally conked out, so I went back out and bought a new point-and-shoot camera.
 Gee, that was a big day!  I am glad that I helped some local retailers and had a lot of fun, too!!!!

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