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Monday, April 1, 2013

Gravity Feed Iron

                               One of the very favorite tools  is a gravity feed iron.

Gravity Feed Iron
 This type of iron is  heavy (approx 4 1/2 lbs). This weight improves the iron's  pressing capabilities.
Gravity feed irons are fitted with a water tank that is suspended approximately 3 feet above the ironing surface.

Water tank with filter crystals

There is a valve and plastic tubing that carries the water from the tank into the iron's steam chamber.
There are filter crystals (they are dark blue in the photo) that are an added insurance that there is no sediment that can build up on the inside of the iron even with the use of distilled water.
 This iron puts out beautiful, even steam, and never "spits". The steam flow is controlled with a button on the handle. I set the temperature carefully at a low enough temperature to ensure that fabrics don't melt, and high enough that the combination of the steam, heat, and weight of the iron conquer any wrinkle.
 The Namoto iron that I have is very high quality. It is turned on in my sewing studio at least 10 hours a day. It sits on a rubber pad as opposed to sitting on it's end like a household iron.
 This brand of iron is about $400 but lasts for years. I purchased a less expensive gravity feed iron for my daughter, and at $120 it is fine for her purposes. I have students who also run out and buy this type of iron after using mine.
 These irons can also be used vertically to steam wedding gowns, etc.
 Once you have tried a gravity feed iron you may wonder how you can sew without one.

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  1. Looks like a great little workhorse to have in your sewing room. Might have to look at investing in one of these little babies when mine goes on the blink.