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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back From Vacation

There is nothing more invigorating than getting away from dirty snow for a week in the sun! Here are a few photos of my trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my family.

Beautiful street in Puerto Vallarta with actual blooming flowers!

One of MANY delicious meals

Yum! Fresh coconut and a vendor who was very deft with a machete!

Me on a horse! We took a wonderful  ride across a river, and up and down a trail to see petroglyphs!

According to our guide these petroglyphs  were etched into the rock about 1200 years ago using rattle snake venom!

View from the balcony at our hotel

  We spent quite a bit of time touring different areas of the city. There were many opportunities to shop, but in all of our travels I never saw a place to purchase fabric.
 I am happy to be home and looking forward to sewing. My sewing machines had a nice rest, and so did I!

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  1. Mexico looks great and so do you sitting on that horse my wonderful "PinPal". Sounds like you a great time and got to enjoy quite a bit of sightseeing and more than likely quite a bit of relaxing by that pretty pool.

    Shame you didn't come across some fabric but ah well I'm sure you have plenty already. It's always nice to be home again after a holiday and I'm sure your sewing machine missed you and enjoyed a little vacation as well LOL. Happy sewing!