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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Artsy Vest

I've had a little fun in the past couple of days using "extra" time to make two artsy vests. This one is made from some beautiful black linen and a piece of vintage cotton/wool oriental fabric.

I wanted some texture because these are two smooth fabrics, so using the motif on the vintage fabric I cut three panels, faced them with the linen, and sewed bias ties at the top of each panel.
I then hemmed the body of the vest and sewed ties to the vest that attached to the panels. 

The armhole is flat at the bottom which is a nod to the oriental, and suits the graphic design of the accent fabric.

I used an asymmetrical button with holes large enough to accommodate a bias cord to give a little zap of color and style to the center front of  the vest. These are warm weather pieces. I picture them over a simple short sleeve tee, or a tank.

This was a fun project! I am working on a second vest and will post photos when it is completed.
 I have music playing, tea to sip, and a poodle near me. I doubt that heaven could be better than this!!

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  1. This vest is stunning! I love the panels and the ties and oh that button really sets it off and the armhole is great as well. Oh by the way I mentioned you in my last blog post and have had some great responses to the tips you shared about Pelvic Tilt as well. Thank you again as what you shared made such a difference and will make a big difference to my future sewing projects. Thank you xx