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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hum....what should I sew?

 The potpourri of choices that can be made when marrying  fabric and a sewing pattern can be really overwhelming, and exciting at the same time! In the next few posts I plan to explore these decisions so that perhaps you will find a comfortable starting point.
 One of the best places to start thinking about a sewing project is far away from a fabric store. You can spend a bit of time in your own closet looking at what you like to wear. Most of us have certain types of garments that we wear a lot. I call these workhorses. These are clothes that make you "feel like you" when you wear them.
 An observation of the clothing that  you already own gives you a number of clues. Do you choose clothing that fits close to the body? Do you choose certain styles that camouflage a figure flaw? Do you feel best in garments with sleeves. Do you choose v-necks, or square necks? Most of us gravitate to certain clothing designs again, and again.
 Trendy ready-to-wear is followed closely by the pattern and fabric companies. If we want to mimic current "fast fashion" we certainly can, and some of us may want to do that, but if todays styles leave you distressed you can choose to make something that could be your next workhorse! You can sew fashion forward patterns that  have  the silhouette, and design details that you know you will like.

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