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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One of My Favorite On-Line Fabric Stores

Emma One Sock is a wonderful website where you can find gorgeous fabrics! The owner, Linda Podietz travels to New York frequently to hunt down fabrics from some of the top designers. Over the years, her site has grown...due in some measure to my own purchases, and those of my friends and students. I have always found the quality of her fabrics to be superb, and she sends out free swatches.
  Linda communicates very well with her customers, and ships orders quickly. I check out her site almost daily to see what treasures she has found.
 Recently, I ordered a French rayon voile in a luscious blend of blue, green, plum, and red. I made a special occasion dress and a piped and stitched belt.

            If you want to have some fun shopping for beautiful fabrics while sitting on your couch go to:


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