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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let the Fabric Dictate the Style

 A number of years ago I found this fantastic silk print. Oriental designs have always called to me, so I purchased a number of yards of this special fabric. This was expensive silk, so I wanted to make a garment that would not be too trendy so that I would enjoy wearing it for years. My primary goal though was to let the print really shine.

 I made a simple kimono jacket. This style choice spoke to the theme of the fabric, and the print is interrupted only at the side seams. I used a lightweight black silk crepe to add a band at the front, and at the hem of the sleeves. This contrast makes the print "pop". I added vents at the lower side seams for a bit more  style.
 This little jacket looks great over skinny black pants, and a black tank. It is an example of how a fabric can dictate style.

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