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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mastering Miters

Mitered corners are a beautiful way to finish a hem! Miters may seem like a difficult technique to master, but hopefully these photos, and my description of the steps involved will demystify miters. They really are easy! I am using a one inch hem in my tutorial, but this technique works equally well if you choose to make a wider hem. I am starting with a square of green fabric that I want to make into a tablecloth.

Step 1.
  Press a crease evenly on all sides of the fabric. I have pressed a crease at 1/2".

Step 2. Fold and press fabric again on all edges of fabric. I have evenly pressed up a 1" hem.

Step 3: Using two pins carefully mark the point at which each hem intersects the other hem.

Step 4. Open the two hems, and with right sides together match the two pins together keeping the 1/2" crease folded in. Draw a diagonal line from the pin to the point where the corners of the 1" hem meet.

Step 5. Sew along this line locking your stitches at the beginning and end of your little seam.

Step 6. Trim the extra fabric close to the seam to remove the bulk from the corner.

Step 7. Turn the seam to the inside. Press the little seam to make a square corner. Stitch, pivoting your stitches at the corner.

  Now, make yourself a nice cup of coffee, and bask in the joy of mastering the miter!

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