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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Creating Custom Trim

 Here are the steps that I took to create a custom trim on a jacket that I made from a beautiful  tweed wool fabric.

I used Vogue 7975 view C, but I eliminated the pocket flaps, and  used the long sleeve pattern piece.
A quick search of our local fabric store confirmed my suspicions that there were no acceptable trims to purchase, so I created my own.

I pulled threads on the lengthwise, and crosswise grain of the fabric and discovered that the fringe that resulted were two different colors.

I also noticed that the selvedge had an interesting little detail. It is the bottom strip in this photo.
 I played around (only an obsessive seamstress would call this playing) with these elements and by layering them I created a trim that looked like this:

This was looking pretty good, but it still wasn't quite right. I pulled some of the long pink threads, and discovered that by tying knots and laying them across the trim it gave  the extra textural interest that was needed.

This was quite time consuming, but with a few cups of coffee, and some good music it was a happy afternoon!

Here are the results.

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  1. I'd say the time you spent playing around with the trim was well worth the effort as it looks fabulous!