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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Making Pattern Changes

 One of my friends who loves gorgeous fabrics brought this beautiful boiled wool leaf print fabric to my studio. It was on a shelf, and every time I noticed it I loved it more. Fortunately this friend understands fabric lust, so she was kind enough to let me have the fabric!
 I had purchased Butterick #5679  some time ago because I loved the cowl neck in view B, but  I made a number of changes to the pattern to enhance the fabric. First of all, I eliminated the center front and center back seams. It seemed very unnecessary to have a seam marring the beauty of the fabric. View B has a belled sleeve that I did not want, so I used the narrow sleeve pattern piece from view D. (the pattern pieces were identical other than the width at the lower sleeve). I also chose to use a graceful curve at the hem instead of the points.

  I want to show that we can make choices when we design a garment. I loved the cowl neck, raglan sleeves and longer length in this Butterick pattern. The belled sleeves, pointed hem, and center front seam were not to my liking.
 This tunic went together very quickly. I sewed the seams with my straight stitch Juki, and then  finished the seam allowances with my three thread serger. I put the sleeve hem, and curved lower hem in by hand.
 Considering our cold climate, my desire to have casual, but attractive clothing, and my love of this special fabric I  know that this tunic will get plenty of wear. If fact, I wore it yesterday and I had a number of compliments on my new creation.
 Commercial patterns can be a great starting point, but we can certainly make changes to suit our fabric choice, and our personal sense of style.

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