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Monday, December 10, 2012

Kooky Bound Buttonhole

 I taught a bound buttonhole class a few months ago, and this morning I  came across a sample that I made to show the students. The goal of the class was to teach the students how  to make a beautiful bound buttonhole, but I also wanted them to think about using a buttonhole as an art element in a garment.
 This buttonhole is a triangular opening that I made in a piece of woven silk using some silk organza as a facing to finish the raw edges of the triangle. The inset pieces are cut of silk shantung and the "lips" are finished with corded piping cut on the bias from a striped dupioni.
 This buttonhole sample was really fun to make! I have used all different shapes and fabric combinations over the years to make cool bound buttonholes! (explains why I never learned to golf!) Just think about how the dreaded bound buttonhole could be your new passion!

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  1. Hi there patty, are there any pictures and steps on how to do this..............looks like great fun!