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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Embellishment Decisions

Wool Jersey Felted Lace
 This is a beautiful and unusual fabric. In thinking about making a zipper front jacket I assumed that the fabric would have enough interest on it's own, but once I cut the jacket pieces, and began assembling them it seemed that the jacket would lack "punch".
 I played around with a variety of black braids and trims, but nothing worked well. I noticed that the wide selvedge of the fabric had a knitted edge. I cut some strips of that edge, and experimented until I came up with a narrow ruffle.

 I used a gathering stitch on the cut edge of the fabric, and then pinned the piece onto the front placket covering the zipper, and also the collar.

 The gathered selvedge edge of the fabric makes a perfect trim, and gives the jacket the focal point that it needed!

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