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Friday, February 8, 2013

Flapper Frock

A friend has a wonderful collection of vintage clothing, and she brought me one of her flapper era dresses so that I could photograph it to share on my blog.
 The woman in this photo shows the exuberance that women must have felt as they cast off their long, heavy Victorian gowns (with required corsets) and showed their arms and legs. No wonder they danced!!!

 This flapper dress is very heavy with lush beading.

 The back has a decorative and useful beaded band to keep the wide neck in place.

There are little hand stitched pin tucks at the hips to shape the straight sides of the dress.

The bottom of the dress has 6 beaded slits to provide plenty of room for dancing.

It seems quite likely that if the woman who wore this dress still lived at home she had to endure the withering look from her father as she went out the door!

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