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Monday, February 4, 2013

Ready-to-Wear Usually Isn't!

 There are quite a few alterations awaiting my attention. Alterations have always been the bread and butter of my business. Much of my custom work requires so much planning, procuring, and communicating that it is sometimes really nice to kick back and do alterations. Years of altering women's ready to wear means that the work usually goes smoothly. The woman has already purchased the garment, so my job is to make it fit. 
 The old "one size fits all" has been rewritten in my mind to "one size fits none"! If a woman has a desire to be well dressed then it is the rare woman who doesn't require alterations on at least some of her wardrobe. There have been many times when I have noticed a woman with a beautiful piece of clothing, only to have the look marred by sleeves that are too long, an uneven hem, a gaping neckline, or shoulders that make her look like a candidate for a football team.
 Admitedly, today's clothing requires fewer alterations as we currently wear styles that are more forgiving. There is current fashion that purposely includes sleeves that come down over the fingers. This can be very charming on a young woman wearing casual attire, but if a coat, or jacket has sleeves that go down over the fingers then this is ill fit.
Ill fit as a fashion statement
Ill fit as fashion faux pas
 The women in this photo needs the sleeves of her jacket shortened, and while she is taking care of that issue she might as well get those pants hemmed! Poorly fitting clothing draws the eye to the area of ill fit.

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