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Friday, February 1, 2013

Wedding Gown Post #5

 Twill tape is a very  useful and hidden addition to many garments. It is important to anticipate that garments can stretch during wearing even if they are made from woven fabrics. Wedding gowns are usually very closely fitted to the body. Body heat, and body motion can contribute to a gown "growing" during wearing.This can result in gaping necklines, etc. The application of linings, and fashion details can also cause expansion during garment construction.

 The photo shows the  back bodice of the wedding gown. It is underlined with silk chiffon. Prior to any further construction I sewed a strip of twill tape within the seam allowance at the top of the back and front bodice pieces. Twill tape has virtually no stretch, and will assure that the gown will continue to fit closely after it is sewn, and throughout the big day!
  I frequently use twill tape in constructing garments other that wedding gowns. It is useful at the waistline of pants that have a facing instead of a waistband. Twill tape keeps slash pockets on pants and skirts from gaping over the hip, it also keeps jacket fronts close to the body when sewn on the roll line of the lapel.
 Twill tape is manufactured in all cotton and polyester. I prefer the cotton twill tape. I use the 1/4" wide variety for the applications I described above.
 You can order twill tape here  http://www.wawak.com/products/search.cfm?KEYS=twill+tape&x=6&y=9

 I had another wedding gown fitting today. The bride brought it her jewelery and shoes. I pinned the hem at the floor in the front, and then starting at the side seams I graduated it back to create a little sweep train at the godet in the center back seam. We had fun admiring how beautifully her accessories enhanced the simple, sophisticated style of the gown.
 The wedding is in two weeks so there will be a few hours spent in hemming the gown and completing  a few other details. The bride and I have found much in common during our hours together as talk has drifted away from her gown to other topics. I will think of her on her wedding day (which happens to be on my birthday). She will be in a far away city, but I will be sending her wishes for happiness in her new marriage! 

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