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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 I am new to blogging, and I have been thinking about the technology, and process of blogging quite a bit. My dad was a writer, and I remember him spending endless hours with a typewriter, and yellow legal pads writing and rewriting, surrounded by dictionaries and thesauruses. He would submit his work to an editor, view galleys, and order a number of volumes printed. After his death my sisters and I cleaned out his home, and found boxes of his books that had never sold.
 Writing this blog gives me the opportunity to synthesize some of the random thoughts that float around in my head while my fingers are busy with a needle. It gives me the opportunity to put into words the satisfaction that I have found in my career as a dressmaker and to share some of the tricks that I have learned along the way. 
 Blogging means that anyone with an internet connection can write anything and send it out to the world with no editing. It means that my musings have found their way to a lovely seamstress in Western Australia. She writes me emails about my posts.(Hi, Chris!) I love that connection.
  It also is apparent  that the process of writing is a useful exercise even if nobody reads what I write.It forces reflection, and the taming of stream of consciousness.  It must be why my father continued to sit at his desk and write despite those boxes of unsold books at his feet.


  1. Hi Patty... we are so blessed to have you join the blogging community as you have so much talent and experience (including little tricks fo the trade) you are willing to share which is really inspiring.

    I can't recall how I discovered your blog but I'm so glad I did... I'm loving reading the posts about the wedding dress you are making and the process you are going through... not that I'd ever attempt a dress like that... well not yet anyway LOL.

    The emails you get from me are actually comments I've left for you on your blog that automatically get sent to you notifying you of a comment. You can reply to the emails or better still for you is to reply via your blog as this then builds up your comments and people can see the other tips you share as well... although I have to admit I do enjoy our emails as they really add a nice personal touch.

    I too love how blogging is a great way to express yourself, share and track your own progress.... and hey if others enjoy reading them then it makes it even all that much better. I started my blog more for myself so as to track my sewing progress and a way to reflect back on the projects I make... it's definitely a great alternative to a diary and it's so much more visual.

    I'm so grateful to the internet and the opportunities it brings us... without the internet I would never have met you and I would never have been able to enrol in a fashion design course as I live in a remote mining town with no colleges and not even a craft or fabric store of any kind. Everything and anything related to sewing is accessed via the web.

    I agree about the process of writing.... I'm definitely not the best writer but sometimes when my fingers hit the keyboard the words just seem to flow from my mind through to my fingers and out onto the keyboard without really thinking about what I'm writing... like they are now (having a chuckle to myself about it as I type this). I usually just keep going until there's nothing like to flow then I just hit that publish button without even proof reading what I have written... I say just go with the flow and enjoy! It probably shows who we really are... after all if we were sitting and having a coffee together and enjoying a conversation we wouldn't be stopping and starting and proofreading and spell checking as we went along... we'd just enjoy having a chat and a great cup of coffee (I'm actually enjoying a coffee while I'm typing this as well). So anyway that's all from me for now... got some sewing to do... looking forward to your next blog post and sharing a comment or two with you :)

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thank you for the heads up about responding to your email/comments. This is a big learning curve for me, and I welcome all feed back!
      I appreciate your gratitude that the internet allows you to follow your passion for sewing from a distance. Is there a web site link that you can forward so that I can check it out?
      Have you started/finished the black and white dress yet. Any decision on those sleeves?
      I just looked up your time zone...seems you are 14 hours ahead of us. It is already Friday there, and I haven't had Thursday's lunch yet! :)

    2. You're welcome and I don't really have a specific website I reference to. I've just learnt along the way and Google things I want to know more about... I think Google is one of my best friends LOL.
      And no I haven't started the dress or finalised anything about the sleeves... it's all still in my head waiting to come to reality... it will happen though :)
      The good thing about the internet is timezones are irrelevant to us as we can stay in touch anytime of the day :)

    3. Oh by the way I've changed my web address to http://ChrisLucas.com.au as I just noticed you have my old blog in your Blog List if you'd like to change it. I love having a blog list as it makes it so easy to keep up with the blogs we like to visit :)

  2. Blogging is a great way for creative people to tell their story through the passion of their craft. Keep up the great work, you have a lot to share!

    1. Thanks Arlene! You have a lot to share too! Actually, I shared some of your scones with a sewing class yesterday. They got rave reviews!
      Thanks! P.