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Monday, January 28, 2013

Juki Love

    There is quite a long list of sewing machines that I own......4 Janome 3050's for sewing student use, one much used and loved Bernina 930 purchased in 1985, a Phaff Expression,  a Brother Excedra industrial straight stitch machine, and various sergers.
 If someone asked me what sewing machine I use I would say that my Juki TL98Q is my go-to sewing machine. I do almost all of my sewing on this machine.
 The TL98Q is a mechanical straight stitch machine.It sews up to 1,500 stitches a minute. This is a solid, heavy, but portable machine that has given me years of trouble free sewing.
 It is assumed that many seamstresses long for computer machines with a multitude of features. That may be true for some, but the huge majority of my sewing requires beautifully, balanced straight stitching.. This machine sews them perfectly, and quickly! It also has a second button on the foot control that when tapped with the toe will engage the thread cutter in an instant. A wonderful convenience!
 These machines are in the $900 to $1,100 range. Mine has been sewing trouble free for years  with no troubles.
 Because the Juki is a straight stitch machine it will not zigzag, or do buttonholes. I love the look of bound buttonholes, so I very rarely have a need for a machine made buttonhole. If I do need a function other than a straight stitch I move to one of my other machines.

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