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Monday, January 7, 2013

Room Divider in Sewing Studio

 My sewing room is in the lower level of our home. When we were looking for a house about 4 years ago we came across this home in our desired neighborhood. It is a ranch style, and it had a large lower level with a separate entrance, and two generous sized corner windows.
 Hurray! I thought here is the house for us! My husband agreed that it had possibilities, and I told him I was thrilled to have such a large sewing room in the lower level! He said "do you get that whole room"? I realized that I was being selfish, so we now split the room.  There is a section of the room where my husband can watch football, etc, and there is a nice big section where I can sew/teach classes/do fittings, etc.
 A contractor gave me a very high bid to build a wall between the two spaces. He mentioned moving wiring, securing the wall to the floor, etc. That seemed like a big expensive project, so I chose an alternative.

 I purchased five white bookcases at out local home improvement store. I had a carpenter secure them together side by side. He built some bead board panels that are secured to the back of the book cases. The bead board came in white so there was no painting needed. I attached some simple small white shelves to the bead board. This room divider delineates the space for my sewing studio, and gives me lots of storage for sewing supplies. It also makes a great place to display my vintage toy sewing machines, and other treasures.
 This design was much less expensive than having a wall built, and here is the very best feature.....it is movable!!!!
 I am conducting a little experiment in human nature. Did you know that a man can be totally unaware that his "cave" is getting smaller? If it is done in small increments over the course of a number of months it isn't even noticed! I try to make sure that this nice man's knees are not up against the T.V. he is trying to watch...so far, so good!


  1. You are an inspiration Patty!

  2. What a great idea and I love that fact that you can move it inch by inch and he'll never know... so long as those knees of his don't hit the TV LOL