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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top stitching

The denim jacket in the previous tutorial has a lot of top stitching detail. Here are a few photos of how I got the stitching to be evenly spaced.
 Before I started stitching I bonded a good quality lightweight interfacing to the wrong side of the pattern piece. I love tricot interfacing as it gives a bit of body without stiffness. Next I pressed a crease at the 5/8" seam allowance. Using this crease as a guide I sewed a line of stitching even with the future seam. For each successive row I ran the edge of the presser foot right next to the previous row of stitching.

 I used a thread designed for top stitching to assure that the top stitching would stand out.

Top stitching can add a lot of style to a garment, but of course because it draws attention to itself it is much better if it a evenly spaced. With many of these techniques I suggest doing a "test run" to make sure that the combination of fabric/thread/interfacing gives the look that you want.

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