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Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekend Sewing Fun

This weekend promises to be fun! I am off to Minneapolis with sewing machine in tow. My daughter and I are going to sew together. This is a great way to spend a cold winter weekend!

Vogue 8861

 We are going to make this Vogue jacket for her. I haven't seen the fabric yet, but it looks like a fun project!
 There will also be some fun times with my two grand kids, and son-in-law. They are a lively family!

 On the way to Minneapolis I am going to stop at SR Harris which is the Holy Grail of fabric stores for those of us in Minnesota! http://www.srharrisfabric.com/ 
 It is best to visit there with comfortable shoes as it is hard to spend any less than two hours wandering the mind boggling aisles of fabrics. The fabrics are piled to the very high ceilings, and should you want a swatch of fabric from on high an agile young man will scale the racks, and whack off a piece for you!

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  1. Enjoy your weekend Patty... sounds like a lot of fun coming your way!